exynos 1280 vs snapdragon 778g

Exynos 1280 vs snapdragon 778g is one of the many popular comparisons throughout the mạng internet.

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The mid-range market is competitive, as many brands have stepped up their mid-range catalog. The specs behind the phone are getting better kêu ca ever; the central tier market looks more promising for people running on a limited budget who don’t want to tát blow up their ngân hàng for a phone.

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Here with Samsung Exynos 1280 vs snapdragon 778g, we will have to tát go through many details to tát conclude. The spec details, performance numbers, and the app’s performance on the processor. You will need to tát know everything before you make a decision about which one will meet all of your needs. Since both processors are popular in the mid-tier category, your phone performance might be similar.

Here is everything you need to tát know about the Samsung Exynos 1280 vs snapdragon 778g; each section will cover the integral aspects of both sides to tát give you a fair assessment of the performance.

Mediatek Exynos 1280 vs snapdragon 778g Basic Details Comparison

Basic details can cover much information that might not sound crucial at first. If you don’t want to tát get a product that is older kêu ca the current processor, you can switch to tát a processor with updated new specs inside. People care a lot about the kind of product they get, and years and model numbers can make some difference in the purchase decision. In this section, we will look at the basic details between the Samsung Exynos 1280 processor and the Snapdragon 778g.

Basic InfoSnapdragon 778gExynos 1280
Announced Month and YearMay, 2021March, 2022
ClassMid rangeMid Range
Model NumberSM7150-ABS5E8825
AnTuTu 9 Score528997(30% Faster)  408327

Exynos 1280 vs snapdragon 778g CPU Performance

The comparison of Snapdragon 778 vs Exynos 1280 CPU specs will help you see the better processing tốc độ from both sides. The spec details of both sides of the processor will help your overall smoothness on the screen and your application running better on the phone. More cores and cache translate to tát a well-rounded performance on the phone. It is better to tát see higher numbers on the spec side; if you have no idea what any of these numbers means, look at the highest number in the comparison table.

Features AvailableSnapdragon 778 System SpecsExynos 1280 System Specs
Architecture:  1x 2.4 GHz – Kryo 670 Prime (Cortex-A78)
3x 2.2 GHz – Kryo 670 Gold (Cortex-A78)
4x 1.9 GHz – Kryo 670 Silver (Cortex-A55)  
2x 2.4 GHz – Cortex-A78
6x 2 GHz – Cortex-A55  
Architecture: 64 bit 64 bit
Frequency:2400 MHz
L1 Cache:N/AN/A
L2 Cache:2MBN/A
L3 Cache:N/AN/A
Process:6 Nanometers5 Nanometers

On the spec comparison, both sides fall into the same circle without having major or significant differences. It is sufficient to tát say you might not see any considerable difference in the spec comparison. But the performance number falls to tát different factors; here in the spec department, the Snapdragon 778g carries a lot of minor bumps in cache and other aspects of the features list.

The frequency rate might be the same, but in many features list, snapdragon 778gs outperforms the Exynos 1280 model.

Mediatek Exynos 1280 vs snapdragon 778g, which is better?

Now we will look at Exynos 1280 vs snapdragon 778g CPU performance sides. Having the right spec can make all the difference on the comparison side. Snapdragon 778 vs Samsung Exynos 1280 CPU comparison has snapdragon in a higher position kêu ca its counterpart.


If you plan to tát lập cập any CPU-intensive apps, then 778g will give you a proper amount of permanence on the phầm mềm without any lag or stutter. Many render apps will fall on CPU only, sánh a snapdragon 778 will undoubtedly make some tasks go smoother without taking too much time on the render zone.

Winner: Snapdragon 778 vs Samsung Exynos 1280, Snapdragon 778g wins the CPU performance number comparison.

Exynos 1280 vs snapdragon 778g GPU Performance

GPU is one of the things in modern phones that should always be addressed. They carry the visual aspect of the phone, people who mostly buy phones online or locally tend to tát prefer to tát have higher visible fidelity phones. GPU will be the key reason behind the display quality and the gaming experience on the phone. Making sacrifices here might kết thúc up poorly when you use your phone for entertainment. Here we will take look

Features AvailableSnapdragon 778 GPU specsExynos 1280 GPU Specs
GPU Name:Adreno 642LMali-G77 MC9
Frequency:490MHz850 MHz
Execution Units:29
Shading Units:384144
Vulkan Version:1.11.1
OpenCL Version:2.02.0
DirectX Version:1212

The specs are leaning on the side of 778g, sánh you can expect to tát get better performance on the side of 778g kêu ca on Exynos.

Winner: Exynos 1280

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Exynos 1280 vs snapdragon 778g, which is better?

Now that we know about the GPU specs, it is time to tát get to tát the meat of the body toàn thân. The testing, GPU-related apps will lập cập exceptionally if the phone has a more muscular GPU built in it., Both Exynos 1280 vs snapdragon 778g have powerful GPUs constructed to tát lập cập the most demanding games and render apps at a smoother pace, but one of them will take the trophy trang chủ in the battle.


Exynos 1280 vs snapdragon 778g, 778 beats 1280 out of the park. You Can expect an excellent gaming boost on some of the most demanding titles in the market. Running đoạn phim games on high preset will be possible on 778g, Exynos could still pull some decent numbers in the FGPS department, but it will need help to tát keep up with the snapdragon 778 g numbers.

If you buy the phone for gaming purposes only, you should sign the contract with a snapdragon 78g. Its power will help your phone to tát last for a long time and lập cập most of the major titles at a decent tốc độ with higher graphical fidelity settings.

Winner: Exynos 1280

Exynos 1280 vs snapdragon 778g Memory Comparison

You can avoid stuttering when you’re multitasking on your phone. Suppose you are one of those people who lượt thích to tát open too many apps in the background and lập cập them simultaneously. Then it would be best if you had a phone with better memory options to tát carry that multitasking weight. Here opting out for a phone with higher memory spec will be the only thing in people’s minds.

Features AvailableSnapdragon 778 Memory SpecsExynos 1280 Memory Specs
Frequency:3200 MHz4266 MHz
Bus:2×16 Bit4×16 Bit
Max Memory Capacity:16 GB16 GB
Max Bandwidth:25.6 Gbit/s29 Gbit/s

Exynos has the upper hand regarding memory power, offering higher bandwidth with more bus and frequency. But the snapdragon 778 carries DDR5X compared to tát Exynos 1280’s DDR4 type.

Snapdragon vs Exynos Gaming Performance

Running games on a higher present is not that high on a higher tier or flagship phones, and mid-range phones can often pull out great FPS numbers on modern game titles, where we will look at the games running on both Exynos 1280 vs snapdragon 778g. The number difference can be more considerable in some games since not all are designed similarly. You might see a substantial spike in some games; in other games, the FPS will stay at a moderate level.

It is difficult to tát predict the performance of games since they tend to tát change a lot in the future. Depending on the device of your purchase, the FPS will also have an impact. Here we will test the games on high and ultra settings to tát give you a clear idea of the performance details on the major titles available for tải về.

GamesSnapdragon FPSExynos FPS
PUBG59 FPS on High graphics settings68 FPS on Ultra graphics settings
Call of Duty Mobile42 FPS on Ultra graphics settings60 FPS on High graphics settings
Fortnite:27 FPS on Low graphics settings28 FPS on Low graphics settings
Shadowgun Legends49 FPS on Ultra graphics settings71 FPS on Ultra graphics settings
World of Tanks Blitz94 FPS on Ultra graphics settings88 FPS on Ultra graphics settings
Genshin Impact53 FPS on High graphics settings51 FPS on Ultra graphics settings
Mobile Legends: Bang Bang60 FPS on Ultra graphics settings60 FPS on Ultra graphics settings

Exynos 1280 vs snapdragon 778g Video Rendering options

Most đoạn phim rendering apps will demand the processor to tát have a formidable CPU and GPU inside. Rendering time can be cut in half if your phone can process the rendering part of the đoạn phim editing. Most of the đoạn phim rendering apps in the market lean more towards CPU and GPU. When running these apps, you can lập cập them, but the performance will be impacted by the processor you have on your phone.

ApplicationsSnapdragon 778gExynos 1280
Kinemaster1080p Editing/ 720p Editing1080p Editing/ 720p Editing
FilmoraGO1080p Editing/ 720p Editing1080p Editing/ 720p Editing
Power Director1080p Editing/ 720p Editing1080p Editing/ 720p Editing
Filme1080p Editing/ 720p Editing1080p Editing/ 720p Editing

All the apps will lập cập fine on both Samsung Exynos 1280 and Snapdragon 778g without significant changes. Again the CPU and GPU here are pretty heavy to tát lập cập the apps at a smoother tốc độ. The rendering time will depend on your settings of the đoạn phim output. If you choose to tát render the videos at 4K, you will have to tát wait for a couple of minutes or hours before seeing the final product.

But if you decide to tát stick with a lower resolution, you will see the time cut in half, if not more. It all comes down to tát the settings and resolution options for the đoạn phim setting.

Exynos 1280 vs snapdragon 778g Connectivity Comparison

A stable connection would help most apps function the same during online sessions. Connectivity matters a lot today, where our phones are connected to tát the mạng internet 24×7. Any disturbance to tát the connectivity could create many problems for the user and the phầm mềm. Significantly if it’s being updated online, here are the connectivity details of both Snapdragon 778 vs Samsung Exynos 1280.

Network Connectivity

Snapdragon 778 vs Samsung Exynos 1280 supports 5G connectivity, and 4G tư vấn goes up to tát Cat. 24 on 778g and Cat. 18 on Exynos 1280.

Snapdragon 778 supports LTE Cat. 24

Exynos 1280 has LTE Cat.19.

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Download Speed

Download speeds on both Snapdragon 778 vs Samsung Exynos 1280 are going to tát stay the same without any difference. So if you are planning to tát use phones for tải về purposes only, you might see a slight difference between them.


Upload Speed

Between Snapdragon 778 vs Samsung Exynos 1280, the upload tốc độ of 778 is slightly higher kêu ca that of 1280. Overall, the momentum on both sides is the same; the difference here will not impact the phone.


Navigation and wifi tools

Between Snapdragon 778 vs Samsung Exynos 1280, 778g carries six versions of wifi, while Exynos 1280 supports wifi 6 version, but both tư vấn Bluetooth không dây 5.2.

Exynos 1280 vs snapdragon 778g Display Multimedia

Snapdragon 778 vs Samsung Exynos 1280 multimedia functionality can make a lot of difference for people who want to tát watch movies and play games on their phones. The excellent experience requires the phone to tát output pictures at higher resolution without limiting the quality of the screen. The visual is all matters here; between Snapdragon 778 and Samsung Exynos 1280, multimedia functionality will differ by a narrow margin.

Exynos 1280 Multimedia options

Here we will go through all the multimedia options of Exynos 1280.

Resolution Options

Exynos 1280 supports resolutions of 2960 x 1440.


Exynos 1280 will capture videos at 4K mix to tát 30 Fps without lag.

Video/ Audio Codec

Supports đoạn phim codec: H.264, H.265, AV1, VP9

Supports Audio Codec: AIFF, CAF, MP3, MP4, WAV

Multimedia FunctionsSnapdragon 778gExynos 1280
Resolution2580 x10802960 x1440
Camera1x 192 mp, 2×36 mp1x108mp
FPS4K 30 Fps4K 30 Fps
Video CodecH.264, H.265, VP8, VP9H.264, H.265, AV1, VP9

Snapdragon 778 Multimedia option

Here we will go through all the multimedia options of Snapdragon 778.

Resolution Options

Snapdragon 778g supports resolution up to tát 2580 x1080, and you can preview and record videos at 1080p and 4K without experiencing any stuttering.


Snapdragon 778 can handle 4K 30 Fps, and Snapdragon 778 vs Samsung Exynos 1280 will deliver 4K 30 fps đoạn phim output.

Video/ Audio Codec

Supports Audio Codec: H.264, H.265, VP8, VP9

Supports Audio Codec: AAC, AIFF, CAF, MP3, MP4, WAV.

Samsung Exynos 1280 vs Snapdragon 778g but packs a reasonable amount of multimedia options. When it comes to tát picking any difference between Samsung Exynos 1280 vs Snapdragon 778g, there are few. Both are the same, with minor changes in the resolution and camera output. Other kêu ca those elements, everything else falls into the same circle.


Samsung Exynos 1280 vs Snapdragon 778g, 778g packs quite a lot of heat in performance compared to tát Exynos 1280. Overall, 778g is the clear winner between Samsung Exynos 1280 vs snapdragon 778g. If you want your phone to tát play most of the main CPU or GPU-demanding apps, then 778g will lập cập most of them at better tốc độ with less trouble. The multimedia options also make the display quality much better.

Higher-quality resolution tư vấn will surely make your movie-viewing experience much friendlier. The interaction with the screen will be much more intuitive with 778gs. Exynos 1280 does an excellent job in providing the optimum level of GPU performance but compared to tát snapdragon 7878g, it falls apart.

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  1. Which is better: Exynos 1280 vs snapdragon 778g?

    Snapdragon 778g is a much better processor compared to tát Exynos 1280. In terms of CPU and GPU performance, we are seeing 778gs shredding the numbers. Suffice it to tát say, and you will get good performance on most of the major gaming titles on 778g. Exynos is a good processor, but its performance seems limited when placed against a 778g.

  2. Can we bởi programming on game android mobile?

    Android phones will be able to tát lập cập programming apps. The system is powerful enough to tát tư vấn most coding apps. There are great tutorials available on various platforms about programming for không tính tiền. You can try them out and install the one that meets your needs.
    Not all coding apps will feature the same amount of functionality. Some apps will bởi more and have their system requirements underneath the title. Before you click on the tải về, you must kiểm tra the specs to tát get the gist of the phầm mềm.

  3. Can I lập cập a C program on mobile?

    Yes, you can lập cập C on your mobile. Nowadays, C programming with others can lập cập only on the phone as long as it has a good processor. Both Samsung Exynos 1280 vs snapdragon 778g can lập cập C programming on the phone without any major or minor issues.

  4. Can I bởi c++ on mobile?

    Yes, you can write C++ codes on your phone. You can kiểm tra the google store or hit the forums to tát find out about the best apps to tát lập cập most of your principles on your phone. C++ can be done quickly with apps such as Termux. But looking for other options that meet your needs would be best.

  5. Can we lập cập or code python on mobile?

    Hundreds of tutorials are available to tát teach people how to tát code python on the phone. You can write and lập cập python code on your phone with no issue. Make sure to tát choose the one with a good user interface and other functions to tát improve your phầm mềm experience.

  6. How to tát lập cập a program on an game android phone?

    Online compilers are available on the google play store; all you have to tát bởi is to tát tải về them. Here are some other choices to tát lập cập the program on your game android phone.
    1. Bash (Shell Script)
    2. C – GCC Compiler
    3. C++ – GCC Compiler
    4. C++ 14 – GCC Compiler
    5. C++ 17 – GCC Compiler
    6. C# (C Sharp) – Mono compiler
    7. Clojure
    8. Go Language
    9. Java 7
    10. Java 8
    11. MySQL
    12. Objective-C
    13. Perl
    14. PHP
    15. NodeJS
    16. Python 2.7
    17. Python 3.0
    18. R Language
    19. Ruby
    20. Scala
    21. Swift 1.2
    22. VB.NET Shop – Mono Compiler
    23. Pascal
    You can use these online compilers to tát lập cập c/ c++ programming on your phone without any issues.

  7. Can we edit videos on the Samsung Exynos 1280 processor?

    Yes, you can edit videos at 1080p or 4k with Exynos 1280. Rendering videos could take time. It all depends on the option you choose for the đoạn phim. Editing videos can be complex if your processor can’t render them in real-time. But Samsung Exynos 1280 has a good GPU and CPU to tát generate đoạn phim.

  8. Is Exynos 1280 better kêu ca the Snapdragon processor?

    Compared to tát the mid-tier market, the 778G is much better kêu ca Exynos 1280. A lower Snapdragon processor might decrease performance, but if you bring a perfect competitor for Exynos 1280, which is the 778g, you will have more power on the side of 778g.

  9. Does Exynos 1280 overheat?

    Exynos processor is synonymous with overheating symptoms. If you put more pressure on the chipset, it tends to tát overheat. Energy consumption has always been a prevalent issue with Samsung phones. Their processor will lập cập hotter, leading to tát faster performance and higher energy usage.

  10. Can we lập cập high-end games on snapdragon 778g?

    Modern games will lập cập at a smoother pace with 778g. Gaming performance relies on the GPU part of the processor. 778g has a good GPU to tát lập cập most of the demeaning titles at a better setting without any hitch. 778g pulls good numbers on most of the graphic-demanding games in the market.

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